Radio Network Planning

RF Planning Services

A critical component for successful design, deployment and expansion of broadband wireless networks is RF Planning. Legitimate RF planning is indispensable to provide the users with the best possible performance and availability. Effective planning is made feasible through a meticulous process of survey, analysis, system-wide technology parameters definition and radio resource frequency allocation. The cell network planning model caters the highest level of detail necessary to predicate the number of base station sites required and also aiming to preserve the valuable spectrum resources while delivering the required services to all sites.

Our senior cell planning engineers have decades of experience in radio-frequency planning, deploying and optimizing wireless networks. Rely on Telecom Gateway’s experience, prowess and practical knowledge to deliver expert and professional RF planning.

RF planning includes a comprehensive set of planning and optimization tools for modelling and analysing wireless networks. These tools are also used to create reports containing data that is essential for a successful deployment. Reports include the following:

  • Coverage prediction analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Automatic frequency planning
  • Candidate base station locations
  • Detailed subscriber analysis
  • Traffic simulation providing uplink and downlink throughput analysis
  • Capacity planning (based on predicted base station deployment)
  • PTP backhaul analysis

Other RF Planning Services:

Here, at Telecom Gateway we have our own set of planning methodology which is handled by our RF Planning Services department. It offers a suite of services that can be packed to meet your individual needs. This can range from a single one-time service to complete ongoing coverage from design through deployment and optimization. At present, you can avail the following services:

  • Site Survey/Preferred Base Station Site Selection
  • Detailed RF Planning and Validation
  • RF Planning Consultation
  • Backhaul Design
  • Drive Test
  • Network Optimization
  • Planning Tool Selection Analysis
  • Training for Planning Tools