Network Benchmarking

Network Benchmarking:

Network benchmarking provides the operator how their network is performing in relation to its peers. It shows them how good/bad their respective networks are. It is one of the most fundamental and important procedure towards optimization. Network benchmarking is the starting foot towards the betterment of the network. Here at Telecom Gateway we offer benchmarking services according to every need of the clients. But, overall the entire process revolves around a set of prime indicators based on which the services are performed. These indicators are called KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

KPIs for Voice:

  • Accessibility
  • Retainability
  • Coverage
  • Quality

KPIs for Data:

  • Application Throughput (HTTP/FTP)
  • Latency
  • Session Events
  • RTT Measure (Round Trip Time)

Telecom Gateway offers two distinct types of Benchmarking services:

As the name suggests, here the focus is on the technical capability of mobile radio networks to support and carry services like voice, web, video streaming, File transfer etc. Key properties of the network here are coverage, signal quality, capacity, available technology and performance. This type of benchmarking is done through scanner measurements as well as service drive tests.

In contrast to the technical benchmark, Customer Experience Benchmarking is performed to analyse the radio network performance from a customer’s point of view, i.e. the applications and equipment that are used by the customers. Also, for data services, the particular devices and access manager software sold to the end customers have a significant influence on the perceived service performance and form an integral part of this Benchmarking methodology.